Toddler Wrist Harness


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Toddler Wrist Harness
Kids Safety Harness Toddler Wrist Harness child safety harness Safety Wrist Link for Toddlers Toddler Wrist Harness

Keep Your Toddler Close by When in Crowds with this Kids Wrist Leash built for comfort and safety.

  • HANDS FREE IN CROWDS!​ Keep your hands free so you can carry shopping bags and you can now reach for things on the shelves. You will even have two hands to reach for your wallet and pay for your items.
  • REALLY COMFORTABLE WRIST BANDS!​ ​ Our cotton padded wrist bands stay much cooler than the old style of backpack harnesses, and 360 degree stainless steel swivels means energetic children can wiggle around without getting all twisted up.
  • KEEP TODDLERS WITHIN REACH! With 250cm feet of stretch your kids are close yet they get to roam around some without their arms reaching up to hold your hand at an unnatural position.
  • PROTECT YOUR NERVES ​- -No more searching for run-away toddlers. Our padded wrist harness feels like holding hands, but with the double straps on the toddlers wrist leash they will not escape so easily.
  •  COMPACT SO IT FITS IN YOUR PURSE OR POCKET - lightweight and strong design means you’re able to take your wrist safety harness with you everywhere.

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