How to Use No Touch Thermometer

Health officials all over the world has been deploying no touch thermometer to people all over the world, hoping to detect possible symptoms of sickness. This type of thermometer is being used in different airports all over the world particularly in Africa where there is a widespread of the Ebola. This handheld device has emerged to be one of the most popular gadgets when screening diseases. It is easy-to-use, non-invasive, safe, fast and accurate. It is also the most cost-efficient way to minimize the spread of disease.

How the No Touch Thermometer Works

The No Touch Thermometer is originally being utilized in several industries; from the fire fighting to the manufacturing sector. It allows them to accurately capture the temperature of the object they are pointing at which helps in minimizing accidents and injury. In this case, you are basically using it to measure the temperature by pointing it at the head of the person. It may not disclose the accurate internal temperature of human, but this is the closest that you can get.

The no touch thermometer works by telling the average temperature of the person by gauging the person’s infrared energy that is being released by the body. According to the chief officer of the Sanomedics, the human skin is an efficient and good emitter of the infrared energy. This makes the device highly effective in capturing temperature.

Capturing the Infrared Energy

The no touch thermometer is designed to capture the energy that is being released by our body. The device is then programmed to convert that energy into temperature of the object or person. The sensor depends on the silicon lens that concentrated on the infrared energy to ensure that the temperature reading will be precise. It is intended to read the temperature on the specific point of our forehead. This is the thing that differentiates the handheld no-touch thermometer from the industrial thermometer. They also differ in the algorithm that they use when translating the energy into temperature.



No Touch Thermometer provides a lot of benefits to the users. For instance, you can use it multiple times, and it will not transfer any infections or virus to the person due to lack of skin contact. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), this type of thermometer can also accurately capture the temperature of the dry skin.

When using the average temperature, someone who has a higher temperature can show a normal temperature if he is inside a cool room. There is also a possibility that other medication such as pain relievers and aspirin that can reduce the body temperature. You will not experience this problem when using the no touch thermometer. It will accurately capture the real temperature despite of the circumstances.

The no touch thermometer has been manufactured according to the industry standards and stays in compliance with the requirements of the governing bodies. In case you are uncertain on the values that it produces, you may get a second reading to confirm the temperature.